Faye is a Dublin based singer available for weddings, civil ceremonies, funerals, memorial services and all corporate events.

Some of Faye's achievements include her Bachelor of Music degree, which she received from University College Dublin in 2009 and her Masters of Musicology, which she achieved in 2011. In late 2013 Faye created Blue Birdy’s Music Club, a musical and imaginative play company for young children and their families. www.bluebirdys.ie.

Faye's talent was encouraged in the gentlest of ways. At the age of eight she began singing in the children's choir in the Church of the Assumption, Booterstown (where she still cantors today). What began as a weekend hobby soon transformed into a passion that has led to her career today, singing at ceremonies and events all over Ireland. Faye has also sung internationally at a number of events including the catechetical sessions of World Youth Day 2013, which took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Faye began training with Canadian soprano Catherine Redding in 2009. The accomplished soprano has allowed Faye to explore the full capacity of her voice without restricting her to one genre. Faye’s music education, love for musical theatre and equal passion for Irish culture has allowed her to experience and perform numerous styles of music. It is the genuine emotion within her voice and her openness to all styles that will truly make your day special.

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The Power Of Love

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Mo Ghrása Mo Dhia

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The Voice of an Angel

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  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Civil Ceremonies
  • Corporate Events

Faye has over a decades experience in music and the ceremony. Talking you through the service, giving advice and helping you choose your music programme are all part of the service.

Faye has experience singing with a range of accompanists, most frequently organ, guitar and string quartet and she can recommend or organise accompanists for your service if requested.

Faye is happy to learn a new piece to cater to your taste. As a fluent Irish speaker, it is her pleasure to sing anything in the Irish language but she has also learned pieces in French, Polish and Italian for specific occasions. (Adequate time needed).

I never take for granted the opportunity to sing on the most important day of someone's life. My aim is to greet the opportunity with an equal balance of warmth and professionalism. My education and career have allowed me to understand music, not just as an enjoyable experience but as a universal phenomenon that enables us to bond, develop and communicate what cannot be expressed with words. Needless to say I understand how important music is on your special day. Even though each ceremony is different, this understanding, patience and professionalism remain constant

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